Setup Self-Service Coin Laundry Business

What's the challenges of starting your own laundry business?

  • Developing the vision and business idea requires endless effort and time to brainstorm your best business plan.
  • You need to spend a lot of time continuously conduct market research and surveys to ensure your business is viable and profitable.
  • Finding good employees is always a headache! Business owners know how difficult it is to find and assemble a team of hardworking and trustworthy employees.
  • No qualified business mentors to offer you valuable information and advice throughout your business journey.
  • You may experience unforeseen business challenges and expenses. Unexpected challenges can come in the form of customer relationship problems, cash flow difficulties, inadequate stock or inventory, and other external factors that could impact the sales of your business.


U-OWN-IT™ Program Guiding Your Laundry Shop From Plan to Profit

Submit your FREE online quote request to us and our friendly team will be in touch with you to help you customise your very own U-OWN-IT laundry business plan that best suits your needs.

Our dedicated team at CS Laundry System provides FREE consultation and personalised showroom tour to help you decide and choose the right premium Speed Queen equipment for your business.

We understand that every business has different needs and our knowledgeable team will work closely with you to design your very own U-OWN-IT plan from advice of your location, renovation, shop design, leasing, to gas licensing, chemical suppliers and many more.

Our professional one-stop installation service guarantees a smooth start to your laundry operation. Our technical and installation teams will oversee every step of your equipment set-up.

Once your equipment has been selected, installed, and thoroughly tested, our team will provide training, ensuring you understand the practical usage of the machinery, and feel comfortable with the new equipment, maximizing ongoing performance and results.

We make it our top priority to respond to your call and resolve the problem in the shortest possible time frame. Regardless it's a minor issue or a major problem. 

Our specialist staff are only a phone call away and have the know-how to tackle any issue that arises in your business. WhatsApp now!