Self-Service Coin Laundry

Self-Service Laundry With Speed Queen Machines

As part of Alliance Laundry Systems®, the world’s largest commercial laundry manufacturer, Speed Queen has manufactured highly reliable equipment in the world for more than a century and established a comprehensive global support network. We’ve helped entrepreneurs around the world make smart decisions about every aspect of the laundry business.

With our U-OWN-IT™ programme, you don’t have to be a laundry expert to own a successful vended laundry business. Our worldwide support network ensures that you’ll have access to someone who can help you understand your local culture and customers. This helps you optimise the customer experience and maximise your own success.

Investing in self-service laundry offers many benefits that lead directly to self-service and occupational independence. Here’s why thousands of people like you around the world decided that vended laundry was the best business opportunity for them:

High success rate in laundry business

Due to vended laundry advantages such as minimal staffing requirements, loyal customer bases and the consistent need for the service, investors can benefit from highly competitive returns.

Growing self-service laundry demand

Unlike the majority of investments, even in complexed economy, needs for laundry never go away. Demand actually increases during a recession as consumers search for a convenient, affordable way of doing laundry.

Laundromat is an all-cash business

Customers pay for your services up front. That means that you don’t have to worry about collecting debts, bounced cheques or customer non-payment. As a result, bookkeeping becomes a lot easier and profits become a lot steadier.

Affordable startup costs

As with any investment opportunity, opening a Speed Queen store requires startup costs. These costs will vary of course, depending on the size and scope of the store you open. But because of the industry’s remarkable success rate and excellent ROI, these costs can be recouped in a relatively short amount of time.

Did we mention there is a Speed Queen app that ease your business operation, too?

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