Self-Service Laundry Franchise Malaysia

Considering a Self-Service Laundry Franchise in Malaysia?

There are typical types of franchise fees to be paid to the franchisor include initial fees, ongoing fees and royalties, marketing fees, audit costs, insurance and etc. However, franchisee should alert to the possibility that one day their franchiser might terminate their agreement even after paying above mentioned fees in the beginning.

We're not going to cover much about how to becoming a franchisee in this article but what if becoming your own boss? Or even becoming a laundry business franchisor? Yes, we can make it happen together!

Would you consider a new business model if there is an affordable and more profitable self-service laundry business plan in Malaysia? The answer is U-Own-It™ program by CS Laundry System Sdn Bhd, a wholly own subsidiary of BCM Alliance Berhad (BCMALL 0187).

Why leverage U-Own-It™ program?

  • This is not a franchise model but 100% ownership yours. 
  • Freedom and flexibility in making all your business decisions.
  • Full control over the operations of your business.
  • Build your own coin laundry business with zero knowledge.
  • U-Own-It™ provides a comprehensive one-stop solution to help you set up your coin laundry business.
  • An experienced team from CS Laundry System with over 25 years of expertise, will drive you towards 100% profitability, and provide you with unparalleled after-sales support.

In a nutshell, with U-Own-It™, you have the full business ownership & 100% profit yours. CS Laundry is your laundry business consultant, machines supplier , and service provider that assist you to own a coin laundry business.

Let's schedule an official meeting, our consultant will show you more facts and figure to decide later. Click here to schedule a meeting now.