Laundry Equipment Supplier In Malaysia

CS Laundry is the leading laundry systems and Equipment Company that has grown by leaps and bound since it was incorporated in 1996.

We supply well-known brand like Speed Queen, Huebsch, Lelit, Renzacci, Pony, Jensen, Lapauw, and Sitrovap. You can be assured that you only get the best laundry systems and professional maintenance support from our team of experienced technical staff.

CS Laundry System Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor of Speed Queen Machines in Malaysia. Below are the bestselling machines we're offering:

  1. Speed Queen Vended Front Load Washers
  2. Speed Queen Vended Single Pocket Tumble Dryers
  3. Speed Queen Vended Tumble Dryers
  4. Speen Queen Vended Washer Extractors

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