Setup Coin Laundry Business in 8 Steps

How to Start a Coin Laundry Business?

Here's a simple guide. Follow these easy steps to set up your own!

1. Decide Your Laundry Type

2. Make a Plan

3. Get Your Business Registered

4. Be Different!

5. Pick a Good Place

6. Buy What You Need

7. Do the Paper Stuff

8. Open Your Doors

Setup laundry shop

Decide Your Laundry Type

There are different types of laundry shops:

  • Regular Laundry: Using usual washing machines.
  • One-step Laundry: Machines that wash and dry all at once.
  • Special Services: Things like self-service or special cleaning like for wedding dresses. 

Make a Plan

Before you start, you need a plan. Think about:

  • What you want to do.
  • What machines and things you need.
  • How much it might cost.

Get Your Business Registered

Ensure you're compliant with local regulations. Understand the legal requirements for your area. If unsure, seek advice from financial professionals or business consultants about necessary registrations.

Be Different

Think about what makes your shop special. Why should people come to you and not another shop?

Pick a Good Place

Find a place where lots of people live or work. Make sure there's a place to park and cafes or restaurants near by. 

Buy What You Need

Once you're ready, buy your washing machines, tables, and other things you need. Consider Speed Queen commercial machines if you prefer durability and less hassle. 

Do the Paper Stuff

Get all the papers and permissions you need. This might include insurance and tax papers.

Open Your Doors

Now you're ready to start! Give good service so people come back again.

Don't forget to tell people about your shop. Give out leaflets, put up signs, or even have a special opening day offer. Do consider Google Ads and social media marketing to enhance the presence of your new shop.

Starting a laundry shop takes work, but if you follow these steps, you'll be on the right track. And if you're in Malaysia and thinking of a self-service shop, check out our website. We can help you start a good business. 

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