Our SEO Agency

We cannot express enough gratitude towards our digital marketing agency, Treey Consultancy, for their dedication and expertise in growing my website's SEO. With their help, our coin laundry machines supply businesses have seen a significant increase in leads and revenue.

Treey Consultancy's marketing strategy has been instrumental in helping our businesses gain more visibility online. They took the time to understand the business and target audience, and they developed a customized marketing plan that suited our specific needs. Their approach was holistic, focusing on various aspects of SEO, including link building, keyword targeting, and on-page optimization.

One of the most critical aspects of SEO is link building, and Treey Consultancy has been exceptional in acquiring high-quality backlinks to our website. These backlinks from other relevant and reputable websites have helped to establish our website as an authority in the commercial laundry industry in Malaysia. 

Another key aspect of SEO & Google Ads services are the keyword targeting. Treey Consultancy has helped us to identify relevant keywords that potential customers are searching for in Malaysia. They optimized our website's content with these keywords, which has helped to increase the website's visibility on search engines. As a result, our website now appears higher in search engine results pages for these relevant searches, leading to more traffic and more leads.

With their support and expertise, we're confident that our businesses will continue to thrive in the ever-growing online landscape in Malaysia. Highly recommend Treey Consultancy to any business looking to improve their online presence and grow their revenue through SEO & Google Ads services.

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